1. How does Vollie verify the charities and not-for-profits that use your platform?
A: Vollie verifies all not-for-profit and charity organisations on our platform through cross-checking registration numbers (active ABN’s and active charitable status with the ACNC), and each charity is taken through our interview process to ensure the cause is evident in their work. All staff are protected as volunteers on Vollie (as long as they utilise the platform for its purpose) with our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


2. Does Vollie only offer online/virtual volunteering opportunities?
A: No. Vollie is redesigning volunteering for the digital age and for the on-demand workforce, but that doesn’t mean we are ignoring the millions of people in Australia that want physical volunteering opportunities. Along with online volunteering projects and virtual mentoring, Vollie provides hands-on volunteering opportunities for businesses and their staff.


3. What if a staff member is unable to complete a project on Vollie?
That’s ok. Your dedicated Vollie Account Manager can find someone else within your organisation to work on the task.


4. Does Vollie offer on-going volunteering opportunities?
No. All projects on Vollie have a clear start and end date. This is based on significant primary and secondary research that indicates today’s workforce lack the time and flexibility to commit to on-going volunteering.


5. Will Vollie’s platform integrate with our existing technology?
A: Yes. You will have dedicated tech support from Vollie, to ensure our systems speak to one another.


6. Can our business filter the volunteering opportunities our staff see?
A: Yes. Businesses can restrict any causes that don’t align with your company’s social impact mission.


7. Can you facilitate team projects?
A: Yes. Projects on Vollie can be individual or team based, working with large groups when requested.


8. How do you track social impact?
A: Vollie will calculate the impact of all volunteering activity on our platform, considering the skill set of the volunteers and the amount of time going into each project.


9. Are there opportunities available beyond what I can see on the Vollie platform?
A. Absolutely. Beyond all volunteering opportunities you see on Vollie, it is part of our service to create and curate tailored projects for our corporate partners. Vollie will develop a year full of opportunities for your staff.